Debt Consolidation

Take advantage of low mortgage rates and pay off your higher interest debt with a `cash out’ refinance

Feeling squeezed by the bills that keep coming your way? Get control of your finances! Refinancing your home loan is a great way to get ‘cash out’ of your home’s equity to use for other purposes. We’ve made it simple and straightforward to consolidate your high-interest debt by refinancing to a low mortgage rate.

Why should I refinance my home to consolidate debt?

  • Take advantage of low mortgage rates and pay off your higher-interest debt with a ‘cash out’ refinance

  • Move all your debt to one place: your mortgage. Get rid of deferring due dates and put all your debt in one low monthly payment.

  • ​Get rid of high-interest on credit card debt. You’ll end up paying much less each month and in many cases, the interest is usually tax deductible.

  • ​Problems with your credit? Let us help! Consolidating your debt and paying off your higher-interest debt can also even improve your credit rating.

Is debt-consolidation refinancing right for me?

Let us help you start saving more by consolidating your debt. Talk to a Personal Loan Consultant to discuss your options.